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Enhance Equity of Training

Enhance Equity of Training

Employee training is often seen as gender/race/class neutral. The thinking is that if we treat everybody the same, a training is equitable and inclusive.

Typical examples of employee training programmes are:

  • sales training
  • marketing training
  • communication training
  • management training

However, extensive academic research, including my own, highlights the many ways in which for example sex/gender impacts training and training outcome.

Currently, Training and Development is a blind spot in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) strategies. except for standalone, DEI focussed, programmes.

Ignoring the impact of social categories such as sex/gender and race, means that training may not only maintain, but also create inequity.

To ensure training is inclusive and equitable:

  1. a neutral approach to training is not good enough
  2. the role of sex/gender and other social categories in training and learning needs to be recognised and addressed
  3. Learning and Development professionals need to be enabled and empowered to ensure their training is equitable and inclusive