Empower, engage, enable, enhance

The mission of ENHANCE is to offer truly inclusive, equitable and effective Learning and Development programmes.

Core Values of ENHANCE:

  • Empower: You feel confident
    Give people the strength and confidence to be able to do the things they want and need.
  • Engage: You want it
    Inspire people and trigger them to make a positive change in their lives.
  • Enable: You can do it
    Give people the skills, knowledge, and tools to be able to do the things they want and need.
  • Enhance: You do it
    Help people move forward when it comes to their well-being and achieving their goals.

Two pillars of ENHANCE:

  • ENHANCE Gender Equity in Training
    Programmes to help professionals understand the impact of gender in training and how to design and deliver more gender equitable training programmes
  • ENHANCE Commercial Capability
    Walk the talk: commercial capability programmes that are truly inclusive and equitable

Ingeborg Kroese (MSc, MA) is the owner of ENHANCE and her biography can be found under My Story

Next to her work as training designer and facilitator, Ingeborg is conducting doctoral research on equity and inclusion in training. Thesis title: An investigation into gender equity and inclusion in corporate training and development programmes.